Our Story | Sydney Coffins


Having a career in Social Work
l saw and learnt about the emotion involved in planning a funeral.

One particular lady struck a chord with me.
She lost her husband to Parkinson’s disease, her daughter to asbestos poisoning, her son to blood poisoning and her remaining son suffered from a terminal illness. On many levels, she did not have the support she needed.
She felt hopeless while trying to give her husband the funeral she wanted
which was within her financial means.

This experience really had an impact on me and l was thinking about it weeks later. Ultimately, it resulted in me starting Sydney Coffins.  It’s been a challenging journey. But if it means we can assist Australians during their most vulnerable time it’s completely worth it.



 We experience many momentous events in life.
The way we experience them is often influenced by our character, faith,
and culture. Similarly, death is also an event we want to experience
in a way we are comfortable with.

Sydney Coffins is another option for Australians.
Take your time to browse our store, and if you find something you like then we are glad, and if you don’t we are also glad because it means you are one
step closer to finding what you need.

If you are planning a funeral for a loved one we offer our deepest condolences.