Can l buy a casket or coffin online?

Yes, we deliver directly to your chosen funeral home Australia wide.

Lighter coloured coffins.

Funeral services and memorial products evolve with society.
We have learnt that most Australians have changed their views on black memorial products.

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Affordable but always elegant

The Nilsen.white is one our most popular coffins.
Also available in Mahogany and Pecan.
Regular price. $799

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Caskets & Coffins

Australians buy both caskets and coffins, however, we are recently buying more caskets. The US and Canadian market predominately buy caskets and Europeans tend to buy coffins. We like to remind our customers that choosing a casket or coffin is entirely subjective.

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Affordable funeral options


…a cheaper coffin. View the Nilsen collection >
..a burial side funeral service
..a memorial service at your private residence
..a burial plot not close to large urban areas.
There are 800+ functioning cemeteries in Australia.

10 Common Funeral Questions


Our products are designed and made to Australian guidelines so legally all funeral homes must accept our products.

Only in certain circumstances will we deliver to a residential address due to the nature of this product.
Please contact us if you would like a delivery to your residence.

No, at this point in time we do not have a showroom.
Our prices are affordable due to this factor. We hope our detailed photographs displays the quality and elegant designs of our products.

A funeral in Australia is made up of products, documents & services which are legally required.
During the funeral process of a Australian cremation or burial funeral a casket or coffin is legally required for health and transport purposes.


However, funerals have continued to occur for centuries for important reasons.
Funerals are more for the living than for those who have passed away. It is a ceremony of recognition, farewell, and most importantly to assist the living with closure.
The price of a funeral service is not significantly more than one without one.
However, this decision is entirely subjective.


All cremation funerals in Australia legally requires a casket or coffin.


However, a sea burial is actually a lot more complex and expensive than one would presume as it must be approved by certain government entities.

Yes. We are happy to deliver to you no matter where you are located.
Please call, or email us.

The emissions and power required to cremate a human body has a large toll on the environment.
There is no conclusive evidence that cremation funerals are more environmentally friendly.
Each funeral option has its pros and cons as there are many stages throughout a burial life cycle which needs to be acknowledged and analysed.
Natural burial cemeteries are now an option in Australia. This may be an option to consider.

Just as property prices in urban areas have gone up over the past decade so have burial plots.
Final resting places in non-urban areas tend to be currently cheaper than cemeteries in highly populated areas.
However, ensure that the location and distance are suitable for you and your loved ones.


Embalmment is a subjective decision for the family however above-ground memorial burials,
and repatriation legally requires the deceased to be embalmed.
Embalmment is a procedure where a body is prepared in a way to preserve it and present the body for
an open casket funeral so that witnesses can view the deceased.


Funerals are subjective. It's up to you.

We Recommend you..

..Get at least 3 funeral home quotes
.. Choose a funeral director you feel the most comfortable with
..Ensure the funeral home quote has a detailed price list
..take a family member or friend with you for support
..Don’t feel pressured in your decision making

Thank you

We would like to extend our appreciation
for all the support we have received from our customers.

We are always trying to provide the best services and products to assist Australians during such a difficult time but we want you to be a part of our mission.

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