Funeral Prices

Australians have spoken through their wallets

Over the last few years, Australians are spending less money on funerals. This is largely a result of people seeking valuable funeral industry knowledge online.

This information allows people to make an educated decision when it comes to selecting a funeral home. But more importantly, this knowledge has a great deal of value to consumers who are making decisions under heightened emotion and stress.


Why has the funeral industry been in the news over the last few years?

The primary area of concern that is being discussed is the price of funerals and the larger players within the funeral industry.

These publications and articles offer Australians an insight into an industry that was largely not transparent.
During uncertain economic times, Australians either cannot afford the price of funerals or they simply choose not to pay an amount that is beyond their budget.

"I would like to support a not for profit organisation for a funeral.
Is that possible?"

Many not for profit organisations HAVE a funeral home division that is entirely devoted to providing funerals.

This often comes as a great surprise to many people. Probably because not the profit organisations don’t have expensive marketing campaigns in full view of the public eye like billboards or tv advertising campaigns.

But yes, it is easier than ever for Australians to find their favourite not for profit organisation online and arrange a funeral through them.

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