Australian Funeral Price List

Due to the nature of the funeral industry and the emotions often experienced while arranging a funeral, people are frequently unaware of their options.
When a person visits a funeral director for a quote or a price list, it may be difficult to understand what you are paying for. Below are the products and services which a ‘typical’ Australian funeral comprises.

Please be advised that similar to other industries, prices within the funeral sector are subject to change. The figures provided below may not reflect current pricing.


Funeral Director/Planner (Professional Fees/Service Fees)

This price is generally the administration in arranging the items and services of a funeral.

Australian consumers have the right to choose which services and items they wish to pay for.

We advise that you request to have an ‘Itemised Price list before any documents are signed. Once a document is signed your rights may not be as flexible. Refer to our recommended Funeral Homes and Funeral Planners.

$1,700 – $7,000 >

Death certificate

An official statement signed by a doctor outlining the cause, date, and place of a person’s death. This is a mandatory legal document.

A funeral cannot occur without a death certificate.

$65 >

Cremation certificate

An official statement signed by a doctor outlining the cause, date, and place of a person’s death. This is a mandatory legal document.

A funeral cannot occur without a death certificate.

$100 – $225 >

Final resting place

The site designated for interring a casket, coffin, or urn carries varying costs, often influenced by the location. Metropolitan cemeteries typically command higher prices compared to those in rural or country areas. Burial plots, in particular, tend to entail greater expenses relative to plots designated for cremation. It is advisable to secure a plot well in advance of the scheduled funeral service.

  • Above ground: Crypt Mausoleum – Coffin
  • Above ground: Memorial Wall – Urn
  • Below ground: Burial Plot- Coffin
  • Below ground: Burial Plot- Urn
  • Home
  • Scattering of ashes

$0 – $15,000 >

Coffin or Casket

A container which houses a deceased person.

Religious beliefs requiring the deceased to be in a shroud for burial can be removed from the coffin or casket prior to burial.

Crematoriums require a deceased person to be placed in a coffin or a casket for cremation. Both the coffin/casket and the deceased are cremated.

$995 – $3,500 >


An urn is a container where the ashes of a cremated person are stored.

  • Timber
  • Brass
  • Bronze
  • Ceramic
  • Glass
  • Biodegradable

$100 – $500 >


A metal container a coffin, casket or urn is placed in to protect it from environmental elements.

  • Casket & Coffin Vault
  • Urn Vault

$100 – $500 >

Rembrance headstone or plaque

A remembrance stone or plaque which identifies the deceased person’s location usually within a cemetery.

  • Metal plaque
  • Marble stone
  • Reconstituted stone

$100 – $5,000 >

Transport vehicle (To mortuary)

A specialised vehicle to transport a deceased person safely from a hospital or residence usually to a funeral home or morgue.

$150 – $500 >

Mortuary fees

The body of a deceased person must be handled and stored according to Australian Law. This is often inside a Mortuary.
Open casket funerals which enable viewing of the deceased often require the deceased person to be embalmed. Embalming is the temporary preservation of the body in preparation for a funeral where the deceased is formally viewed.

  • Embalming can only be performed by a qualified and registered embalmer and the body can only be held in a certified holding facility.
  • Embalming is usually carried out when a deceased person is formally viewed during a funeral.
  • If you do not want an embalming you have the right to make arrangements with your ‘Funeral Director’. This usually requires the burial or cremation to occur relatively quickly. This is common for certain religious beliefs.

$300 – $1,500 >

Cremation services

Cremation is the process of placing a body within a cremation chamber. Extremely high temperatures are applied within the chamber resulting in the contents to self ignite. The body is reduced to bone fragments and ashes. The remains collected and pulverised into a finer powder and later placed in an Urn.

  • Only Timber and Ecological friendly coffins and caskets can be used for a cremation funeral. Refer to our Cremation Caskets, and Cremation Coffins.
  • We recommend you choose a crematory close to the funeral, or the final resting place of the urn.

$660 – $1,400>

Funeral vehicle (Hearse)

A specialised vehicle which can transport the coffin of a person to a funeral.

  • Traditional black hearse
  • Old fashioned vehicle
  • Horse and carriage

$250 – $700 >

Funeral vehicle (Entourage)

Funeral entourage vehicles to transport family members in procession of similar cars.

$500 – $1,000>


A floral wreath is usually placed on top of the coffin or casket during the ceremony.

  • Floral wreaths
  • Floral arrangements inside the chapel, house, church, hall
  • Floral arrangements can be arranged by you.

$100 – $700 >


Funerals which have a service may include a wake or an after service gathering which often provides food for the attendees.

  • Church halls, cemetery chapels sometimes have catering options included in there hire venue fees.
  • Funeral Directors often arrange catering if you choose to use their private venues (halls)
  • You can arrange your own catering

$150 – $700 >


$1,950- $15,000 

  • Ask for a clear ‘ Price list’
  • Select what items and services you want to pay for.
  • Source and buy memorial items (coffins, caskets, urns, flowers, memorial plots) and other items you can shop around for in advance.
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