What is the difference between a casket and a coffin?




 The word coffin is derived from the Greek word ‘kophinos’ meaning ‘basket’. The term coffin could also have derived from the Old French word ‘cofin’ meaning basket.


A coffin is hexagonal in shape.
The six sides conform to the shape of a body, with a narrow head space, a wide shoulder design, and a tapering shape down to the feet.




A small ornamental box or chest for holding jewels, letters, or other valuable objects. In the late 19th century the funeral industry came to adopt the word “casket” as a synonym for the word coffin.


A casket is four-sided and rectangular in shape.
In addition, a casket often contains a split-lid to enable people to view the decedent at a funeral viewing.

 The price for both coffins & caskets largely depends on the materials, details, and workmanship used to construct the product.
Ultimately, the decision on which one to pick depends on circumstance and personal preference.